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Description of the SICAV

Edmond de Rothschild Real Estate SICAV (the “SICAV”), Geneva, is an externally managed open-ended investment company incorporated in Switzerland in the “real estate” category, as defined by the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA). The SICAV has delegated its administration, management and distribution to CACEIS (Switzerland) SA, Nyon, as the fund manager. CACEIS (Switzerland) SA has delegated the SICAV’s investment management and exclusive distribution with the power to sub-distribute SICAV shares to Edmond de Rothschild REIM (Suisse) SA in Geneva (“EdR REIM”). EdR REIM has sub-delegated distribution to Edmond de Rothschild Suisse SA. Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, in Lausanne, is the SICAV’s depositary bank. Subscriptions are valid only based on the prospectus in effect, with the investment rules and by-laws included, the simplified prospectus and the most recent annual report (or, where applicable, the interim report if more recent). These documents are available free of charge from the registered office of the SICAV, Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) SA, rue de Hesse 18, 1204 Geneva, and from CACEIS (Switzerland) SA, Route de Signy 35, 1260 Nyon, and from any sub-distributors.

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