ERRES' half-year results at 30 September 2021 reflect the portfolio's very good positioning in terms of location, vacancy risk and environmental profile.

Factsheet SEPTEMBER 2021

Please find below the quarterly ERRES Factsheet at the end of September 2021


The capital increase was fully subscribed and raised CHF 279.7 million.

capital increase conditions  

September 2021 capital increase 

Capital increase confirmation

Ad-hoc announcement - Capital increase confirmation

Results ordinary general assembly

Ad-hoc announcement - Dividend confirmation and Board of Directors election

Factsheet JUNE 2021

Please find below the quarterly ERRES Factsheet at the end of June 2021

Audited annual report 2021

Publication of the 2020/21 annual results from Edmond de Rothschild Real Estate SICAV

Year-end dates 2020/21 and pre-announcement of capital increase

Communication of year-end dates 2020/21 and pre-announcement of a capital increase.

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Press release sustainability 

Please find below a press release regarding our efforts in sustainability. 

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